charming housewarming gift

Buying a new home or at my age relocating to a new city or apartment is certainly something worth celebrating. I am always looking for new ways to welcome friends to their new homes with a simple gift they can use again and again.  I adore these custom calligraphy stamps from Emilie Friday. The old fashioned stamp can be customized for you in a variety of styles!

Just think of what a wonderful surprise it would be to receive one of these as gift to announce your new home on all your correspondence. Or even better…to announce your new married last name as a unique version of an “at home” card. The possibilities are endless!


perfect packaging

I adore these cards from that I stumbled upon on StoreyShop etsy. They are such a unique way to customize a gift or send a congratulations, and they are certain to be a stand out card, and a memory to keep. I have already ordered them for two brides to be and a baby on the way, and if you dont have time to personalize they have some other cheeky designs in their shop!

unique gift-typography wall decor

I am always looking for a unique gift for a bridal shower or baby shower these days it seems. I love the idea of coupling a registry item with a unique piece that they will remember. Ever since I stumbled upon ToeFishArt I have found myself drooling over all of the beautiful canvas pieces. I am currently working with them ona  custom piece for a friend’s baby nursery that I cannot wait to show you!


                                               Beautiful wedding gift!

                                              Perfect for a nursery or playroom

        A perfect entryway piece, or for a laundry room at the beach house

fresh beginings



I find the occasion in every day and love finding ways to help friends and family celebrate, please come back for ideas on perfect gifts for every event, wedding styling tips, and all the fun things that come to my head each day. This is something I have been meaning to begin for a long time and I am excited for the trip ahead, please come join me …I’ve never been very good at navigating alone!