Welcome Home Baby!

After a quick visit to DC to celebrate a wedding with a dear friend I was able to also meet a new little addition to another one of my favorite families down south. Meeting the little peanut and seeing his adorable nursery inspired me to look for other unique newborn furnishings and I found the Moses Basket from Serena and Lilly. The site has the most beautiful options for your home and your baby’s new home but this basket is just too cute! It can be used as a wonderful place for baby to sleep their first few months at home with you, and then use it to store clothing, toys, or books down the road. {Plus it can be monogrammed-sold!}

                        This coordinating Alpaca throw is a perfect addition for the nursery as well!


One thought on “Welcome Home Baby!

  1. This is really cute, and quite practical for newborns, as they are quite portable when that small. This would also be great when you bring the baby to visit his adoring Grandfather (ahem.)

    I recall a certain tiny someone spending time is a wicker version of the Moses Basket. This updated version seems much nicer.

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