Gift Advice: Fourth Wedding Anniversary

I recently had a friend from Virginia ask me for advice on a gift for her sweet hubby of four years. As she is a traditional southern girl she likes the idea of keeping the “fruit and flowers” tradition but perhaps with a modern twist to make it a bit more practical. I have found some different takes on the theme below, you can still follow the traditional guidelines just with a personal touch. Happy Anniversary!!

Incorporate "Flowers" into a bow tie, I adore this sweet magnolia print from Southern Proper.

I imagine sending him this Bonsai from Red Envelope is the manly version of recieveing "flowers" at work

A modern take on "fruit", how about an Apple ipad engrved with a sweet message on the back!

You can incorporate a gift of "fruit" in a trip to a local winery-which I know they love to visit- by making a picnic basket with fruits, cheeses and a bottle of wine hinting about the adventure to follow.


One thought on “Gift Advice: Fourth Wedding Anniversary

  1. Boy, you are really good at this!

    The bow tie is really nice, but the iPad as a “bit of fruit” will likely be a big winner.

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