arm candy

Summer, you give us so many great things, and today I am thankful for you giving me the time to take some much-needed New England road trips. I am not a big souvenir girl, but if I had my way I would mark all of my summer weekend adventures with some cute wrist candy unique to each little island. They would remind me that if I hold on long enough through these chilly Boston winters summer will come back again, and it will all be worth it!

Inspired by my favorite Rockport ice cream girl, this take on a classic friendship bracelet would remind me of my July trip to our family cottage.

This delicate version of a cape cod classic could be stacked with other pieces and would remind me of the time spent there planning a wedding for a sweet friend

A Nantucket rope bracelet goes with everything summer related, and I love the color of this one. Even at the office, this would remind me of my amazing girls weekend that kicked off my summer!

These bangles by JoJoLovesYou would work into almost anything in my wardrobe, they sold at my favorite Newport boutique, Bellevue Beauty Walk.

Newport is my number one summer love so I say two pieces would be in order!

{quick tip}

I love the idea of a bride giving these as thank you gifts for bachelorette party guests, after all their planning wouldn’t it be lovely to surprise them with a treat to remind them of all the fun you had!


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