planning ahead

I wish I was one of those people who had a gift wrapping station at home, I wish I stock piled birthday and celebration cards, I wish I kept a few bottles of wine on hand for dinner invitations. However I am not {yet} I am running to the store, raiding my Mom’s ribbons, and so upset I didn’t just grab a half-dozen of the “perfect” engagement card when I had the chance. However I have been inspired by these few great on hand items below to make life a little less chaotic, now I just need to find time to order them all!

adorable kate spade stationary {just released!} your hostess will thank you!

witty letterpress wine tags, just add a bottle and you are good to go!

canning labels from felix and dolittle-add a little time to personalize them for a perfect birthday gift for your DIY friend set.

adorable ring dish for the new bride to be, something must be in the air because I need a few of these on hand these days!


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