society social

It is official, I am in love with bar carts. I love how unique theach one can be, how they can make the corner of a room so colorful, and that they can transport you back in time to the 1950’s in your modern home.

I am even more in love with society social. If you have not already read their emag {the magalog}  please stop whatever you are doing and go now! {you are welcome for your morning distraction} After you have come down from all that eye candy it gets even better, they opened their online doors yesterday to a new shop where you can buy so many of the beautiful pieces they used in the mag. Good luck trying to decide which one, which color, where to keep them all. The most important question is what fabulous drinks will you stock on your new cart, and when is the christening party?

tripple trolley

darlington double

the darlington chair

the aptly named "cocktail party"

this is the one that {someday} must live with me at our house.

have you ever seen anything so perfectly colorful?

Follow them  @societysocial for pretty inspiration all day, every day!


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