fill in the blankie

I have quite a few baby showers in the next few months and this gift is so personal that it will be perfect for a few of them. Fill in the Blankie is a great company that offers hand-made blankets for new little ones that can be completely customized–we are talking every edge of this blanket {200 characters!} You could include a favorite song lyric, birth date, name, anything under the sun. Get ready to spend some time deliberating on the perfect combination because they offer (39) baby blanket styles/colors,  (27) fonts & (18) thread colors, each one more adorable than the next. {Did I mention they are perfectly priced as well?} They have a great gallery to get your creative juices flowing if you need some inspiration.

if you want to include birth date, weight, and special details it can make a create Christening gift as well.


how adorable is this pattern?

i love the idea of including a favorite nursery rhyme


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