gifting question: the boy

I had a lovely reader send me an email asking about what she could give to her boyfriend as a birthday gift. She does not want to do clothes, books, or anything “standard” for the big day but needed some advice. I am a big fan of giving experiences to people when you are able to. There is something so thoughtful about taking the time to put together an experience gift that cannot go unnoticed. Knowing that her main squeeze is a sports buff I recommended the following gift: the baseball experience. {this is a gift I put together for my husband a few birthdays ago and he loved it!}

Give any Boston boy tickets to a red sox game and they will be grinning ear to ear, give them tickets to a red sox vs yankees game and they are yours forever. So I suggested she get him tickets to a game in the series for the two of them.

step 1

The best part of any gift is the presentation, so rather than just wrap the tickets, or write about them in a card, I recommended she get a silver frame and engrave it with the date of the game on the top. {this will hold an adorable picture in the future of them siting in the seats celebrating!} but for now print out a picture of the view from the seats and place it in the frame. {You can usually get this on the stadium website or} When he opens the frame give him a few minutes to figure out how amazing this gift is.

step 2: {pottery barn has some great options}

step 3

I hope he loves the gift, and wish him a very happy birthday!


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