Gifted: Techies

I love technology. I am the first to admit I am an early adopter to most things new and fun that need to be charged each night. This holiday season there is no shortage of them and in my techie gift roundup you’ll find my favorites-from stocking stuffers, to perfectly impractical desk accessories–something for every geek on your list!

The minimergency kits full of must haves for office slip ups, and ipod speakers will tuck nicely into any stocking. I am in love with the tocky–a run away alarm clock to have to chase to turn off {bonus: you’ve already begun your AM workout by the time you catch him} Also, every girlfriend of mine could use the gmail shortcut keyboard, making daily gchat even easier, And do not get me started on the peacock lollipop desk decor…Jonathan Adler you make work so much more colorful!


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