Gifted: Bride to be

In honor of Wedding Wednesday today’s Gifted Series will be for the bride to be. The holidays are a perfect time to give her something special to highlight this year in her life, and maybe even make planning a little easier {or at least more fun!} Starting with a oppulent stationary set from Ceici Style {in her new last name initial perhaps}, or a subscription to my new favorite wedding magazine, Southern Weddings. A classic headband can be worn long before and after the wedding day. My personal favorite is the monogrammed needlepoint loafers, these take some time to make so ordering them early is key! I  also adore the simple “Mrs” necklace {kate, of course} and the ever handy bible by Amy Vanderbilt– this roundup is perfect for your alter bound girlfriends.

Clockwise from left {Stationary Suite,  Mrs Necklace, Loafers, Book, Headband, Southern Weddings}


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