Gifted: Secret Santa

Secret santa always sounds like a fun idea to me and then I find myself stressed about what to buy when it comes down to the wire. This round-up would be appropriate for office, friends, or even a white elephant swap. When I receive smart wool socks I am a happy girl so these are a no brainer for anyone living up north. I love the quirky-ness of this glass baggie–it can hold just about anything. Still lip gloss set from Sephora works for any girl on the list, as does the travel stub diary. The brie caking dish could be a bit of a selfish gift if you see yourself invited to any parties at the recipients house, who doesn’t love baked brie? My family has also been very into adopting elephants this year from WWF, it’s a low-cost gift that gives back {and the elephants are pretty good pen pals!}

Clockwise from top {socks, glass baggie, lip gloss, elephant, diary,brie}


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