Conference Essentials-Travel Wardrobe

I am in Southern California for my corporate client this week and realized when packing, my go-tos for long work trips and even longer days remain about the same. They pack well, travel without wrinkles, and keep my running around all day long. Perfect for a honeymoon, or out of town shower as well–this is a peek into my suitcase for the week.

Jude Connally Dresses, a MUST–wrinkle free, so cute, and comfortable enough for a cross country plane ride

I get teased for running around in heels all day but these Rockport shoes with Adidas Technology make it so easy and comfortable…love, love, love.

And for after a full day when its time to pack up the supplies I always have my Tory Burch Eddie’s tucked into my bag

And a Lilly Murfee scarf is always tucked in my bag for cold hotel AC, chilly plane rides, and to accessorize as this new Virginia State Print as well!

{Ok so there are also typically glue dots, binders, hole punches, lanyards, notebooks, blackberry & iPhone, and some skittles..but those are just not as cute!}



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