Conference Essentials-Travel Wardrobe

I am in Southern California for my corporate client this week and realized when packing, my go-tos for long work trips and even longer days remain about the same. They pack well, travel without wrinkles, and keep my running around all day long. Perfect for a honeymoon, or out of town shower as well–this is a peek into my suitcase for the week.

Jude Connally Dresses, a MUST–wrinkle free, so cute, and comfortable enough for a cross country plane ride

I get teased for running around in heels all day but these Rockport shoes with Adidas Technology make it so easy and comfortable…love, love, love.

And for after a full day when its time to pack up the supplies I always have my Tory Burch Eddie’s tucked into my bag

And a Lilly Murfee scarf is always tucked in my bag for cold hotel AC, chilly plane rides, and to accessorize as this new Virginia State Print as well!

{Ok so there are also typically glue dots, binders, hole punches, lanyards, notebooks, blackberry & iPhone, and some skittles..but those are just not as cute!}



playing {birthday} hookie

I am escaping to Newport to celebrate my Mom’s birthday today and enjoy some girl time all day! I’m not sure exactly what the day will hold but the sun is shining and I imagine a combination of morning coffee on cliff walk, a beach day, and a stop at Del’s are all in order! Happy Birthday Mom!!




i love nyc

This fabulous weekend with fabulous friends in the NYC reminded me of all the gift inspiration that can be found in a city itself. I have found all kids of gifts that would be perfect for someone relocating to a new place, introducing a new little one to a city , bridesmaid gifts to remind the girls of the wedding weekend, and the list goes on. These were all inspired by my latest adventure but most any city will have similar unique gifts!

I gave this "nyc in a bag" to a girlfriend of mine moving to the city to keep on her desk in anticipation of the big move!

wedding in nyc? these idiom kate spade bangles are a perfect thank you for maids

I often give maptote's custom bags as going away gifts-perfect as welcome bags for wedding guests as well!

maptote's baby onesie is a perfect shower gift

this kate spade ipad cover just reminds me of nyc

a nyc take on goodnight moon for little ones